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Tyler george


Anyone had experience buying glasses online?

I just looking for some good and cheap glasses, any suggestions?
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  • elliekate825


    I bought my glasses from and I just spend little money for them and they are very good for daily use. Shipping was quick and the frames were actually pretty nice. You can go and have a look on their website.
  • epyon_rebirth


    I bought my spectales from It works very well. They are excellent and great price. They offer a good selection of glasses.


    I hope your experience ordering glasses online goes well! Read about my experience here: Get an updated eye exam. It is no good buying new glasses if your prescription information is different from your last visit. Have your doctor measure your Pupillary Distance (PD). If you do not already own a pair of glasses, try on glasses at the doctor's office. Write down the name and style of the glasses you like so you can look up the measurement specification of those glasses online later. Have your eye doctor print off your prescription information so you can put in your order right away. Find glasses that match your measurement specs. Pay attention to the sizes no matter how much you like the frame (or the price)! The glasses you order will not look good if they do not fit your face. Put in your order using your prescription information. Triple check the numbers you type in. Look for coupon codes.After you place an order, some eyeglasses online store gives their customers a coupon code to share with friends and family that saves money whenever someone uses the code. Place your order and expect to wait. Under normal condition, you can get your glasses in a week.

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