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Joshua arnold


Are computer glasses necessary?

Now, i see more and more people wear computer glasses even if they have good vision. They said that computer glasses can protect the eyes. Is this true? Are computer glasses really necessary to people who work with computer?
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  • Noah


    Yes, more and more people in the office tend to wear the computer glasses in front of the computers to protect the good vision. Actually it is necessary. It can prevent your eyes from the radiation from the computers and make your eyes not tired easily. However you should not wear it for a long time which will also be bad for the eyes. You should control the time of using eyes in front of the computers.
  • walkdawalk23


    If you spend a lots of time on computer, you are suggested to buy a pair of computer glasses for your eyes even if you are with perfect vision. In fact, i have a pair of computer glasses. My firend said that wear computer glasses can protect eyes from reflective lights from computer screen. So, i often wear it. And i feel better with the glasses when i read e-book on computer. Maybe, you can have a try.
  • emmie18


    Yeah, people work long in the front of computer is easy to get eye strain, eye pain, neck pain, whist pain and some digital disorders. Computer wear may help with alleviating or preventing digital eye strain. However, it depends on your distinctive situation. Computer eyeglasses is designed to reduce glare, increase contrast, and maximize scenes you can see through your lenses.