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Does depression cause blurred vision?

I heard that emotion can affect the vision. Is it true? So, Does depression cause blurred vision?
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  • Andrew bell


    Yes, the emotion can affect the vision. As we know, if you have the bad emotion and bad mood, you will feel depressed. You will have no mood to do anything. The eye nerves and eye pressure will be affected. There may be the possibility for you to get the blurred vision.
  • adams


    It seems that you care a lot about your eyes and your mental conditions. So, as to the question you posed, I should say, there is no direct relationship between depression and blurred vision. However, what is noticed is that, depression could give rise to a decrease in your health condition, which indirectly could lead to some bad feelings including blurred vision. Anyway, life is all about how you view this world. Hope you find happiness!
  • Bug


    Well, yes, depression can certainly cause blurred vision. Generally speaking, depression can cause a lot of problems including blurred vision. And also, they can lead to other symptoms, such as blurred vision, dizziness, feelings of detachment, hot flashes, chills, trembling, numbness, and tingling, dry mouth. So it can be bad for your health. Controlling your emotion, making it stay stable is very important. And if you are in depression, blurred vision is definitely a symptom. And you can Check any medical website for symptoms of depression or ask your doctor, and you will find more information about it.