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Can losing weight affect eyesight?

I was tried to lose my weight and it works. But i also found that my eyesight become poorer. Is this a matter of losing weight?
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  • Nicholas carter


    Perhaps. Losing weight may lead the eyesight to become poorer. As far as I am concerned, when one is losing weight, she control the consumption of foods and she does not eat foods with much calorie, then she can suffer a loss of nutrition such as vitamins and mineral substances, which are dispensable for bright eyesight. Therefore, one can get poorer eyesight in the process of losing weight.
  • Brian Clem


    You know when you lose weight, especially when it works, you may have a diet and your food-intake will decrease for a certain periods. Thus your body may lack of nutrients such as vitamin A and B, as well as many mineral even protein. These supplies will be the staff which build and keep the eyes health. Under such circumstance, your eyes will be effect by the malnutrition. It will lead to the poorer eyesight actually. Help yourself to some food of fresh fruits and vegetables. They will give the safeguard to your eyes' health while keep the slim with your body.
  • Sara nelson


    Yes, losing weight will affect your eyes sight. When you lose weight, your liver, stomach and other parts of the body will be affected which will indirectly cause the disorder of the eyes. The eyes will easily get dry. The dryness of the eyes will cause other problems of the eyes, affecting the eye sight easily.

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