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How long does it take to recover and see again after I have cataract surgery?

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  • erinpoo130


    Eye surgery is like surgery on any other body part, there will be a period of recovery. Fortunately for cataract surgery, this time is minimal. Your vision will be blurry right after surgery. The vision improves day-by-day and by the 5-7th day, most patients are very satisfied with their distance vision. In most cases the eye will be blurry for reading and near work. You will probably need help to see up-close and it is fine to use your old glasses for reading until the eye is stable enough for a custom glasses prescription (often this takes 3-4 weeks).


    Many patients report clear vision within several hours after cataract surgery. But each person heals differently, and you may need as long as a week or two before you see images in their sharpest focus. Your cataract surgery recovery should be complete in about a month, when your eye is completely healed.