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Is an implant lens always used during the cataract surgery?

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  • ctakah4ik


    With the exception of children with cataracts, an implant lens is used to replace the lens that was clouded with the cataract. The implant is similar to a very small contact lens. It doesn’t feel any different in your eye than the lens that is being removed. With few exceptions, the implant almost never needs to be replaced.
  • Isabelle


    Yeah. In cataract surgery, the lens inside your eye that has become cloudy is removed and replaced with an artificial lens to restore clear vision. Most modern cataract procedures involve the use of a high-frequency ultrasound device that breaks up the cloudy lens into small pieces, which are then gently removed from the eye with suction.After all remnants of the cloudy lens have been removed from your eye, the cataract surgeon inserts a clear intraocular lens, positioning it securely behind the iris and pupil, in the same location your natural lens occupied.