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Angelica christian


How can I talk my mom into getting me reading glasses?

I have O.K. sight but when I get out a book I see real blurry, It only comes into focus right at my face. I keep on telling my mom i think i need glasses and i tell her what happens when sometihng i try to read gets all blurry and she always siays i am faking it. I am the only girl in my family that is not provwn to have astigmatism.
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  • duncan


    You mean all the members in your family get astigmatism? Mmm... maybe you get astigmatism too. But I still suggest you to ask your mum to take you to see an eye doctor immediately. Doctors can help persuade your mum to buy a pair of glasses for you if you really have some kind of vision problems. But I hope you won't have any vision problem. Good luck! Sweetie.
  • cutechaldochick


    You'd better take exam first. If you the eye doctor tell you suffers vision problem and suggest you a pair of glasses, i believe your mom will buy it for you. Besides, having an eye exam, you will know what your vision problem is and what kind of eyeglasses your need to help you see better. So, having an eye exam first and get prescription to convince your mom to get you prescription glasses.
  • entivore


    Sweetie, I guess you may get myopia other than presbyopia. presbyopia often happens among senior citizens. You may need a pair of prescription glasses to help correct your myopia. Once my little bro told me that he want to buy a pair of glasses because he thought that the people who wear glasses are very cool. He planned to cheat my mum to buy him a pair of prescription glasses. But I think prescription glasses are harmful to him because he doesn't have any vision problems. So I suggest you to have your eyesight checked and then buy a pair of prescription glasses if they are needed. But if you don't have any vision problems, please don't tell lies.
  • elmos_world_05


    Reading glasses are not suitable for you. Maybe you just get mild myopia. A pair of prescription glasses can help correct your vision problem at this time. I am a current glasses user. I think glasses have caused many inconveniences for me. I can't play football or basketball with my glasses on. Sometimes I will use contacts for instead but I often get eye infections from wearing contacts. I don't know why. Maybe it is because my eyes are too sensitive. So I suggest you to take some eye exercise every day or give up playing computer games or watching TV if you are addicted to them. Your eyes are under development, if you protect your eyes and adapt some measures to improve your eye health, you may improve your eyesight.
  • olivia


    omg same but mine is different i just want fake glasses because i look cool with them and because all my friends have fake glasses except me and i REALLY want fake glasses soooo i cant tell you anything because i myself need someone to tell me how to persuade my mum to get fake glasses

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