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Dawn C.


Why can't I see out of no line bifocal glasses?

I got bifocals about 6 years ago and I was prescribed straight lines to help train my eyes where to look down into to read. I tried on a pair of no lines and had some trouble with my peripheral vision at the time. Do no line bifocals have a burred line that runs into the sides of the glasses? I would love to have no lines, but fearful I won't be able to see out of them as well as I do with the straight lines.
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  • Susie Washington


    It will take some time to adjust to a pair of new glasses especially when it turns out to be a pair of no line bifocal glasses. I want to ask whether the no line bifocal glasses are made according to your prescription or not? If they are not made for you, of course you can't see out of them.
  • walkerpaul


    Some people just said that with the new generation of digital lenses, the peripheral blurs that progressive lenses sometimes had are almost completely eliminated. There is no blurred line that runs into the sides...they never did. So I think the no line bifocal glasses that you try might have poor quality. But you still need to have your eyesight checked to get a piece of prescription first.
  • walkingalone121


    Maybe the no line pair you tried on wasn't made for you. So you can't see out them. This wasn't a good example to judge them if they are not made for you. There is another easy way to figure this out. You can turn to a doctor of optometry. Hope this helped!