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I have red eyes for more than one week. It is normal?

I'm 25 years old. My eyes have been red for more than one week. I've been using eye drops and oculentum. I often apply Red Eyes drops 3 times a day but it only temporary removes the redness for 1-2 hours. I've been sitting in front of my computer for the past week so I'm pretty sure that's the cause of eyestrain. But today, I've only used computer for less than 8 hours a day. the white part of both eyes are still red. My left eye gets more reddish than the right one. The corners of the eyes are especially red. I've tried going for a walk outside to rest my eyes and look at the greenery. But right now, it's slightly red. Is this normal? How long will this last for? Is it serious? Help please!
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  • Rebecca


    Most cases of red eyes are caused by common germs (bacteria and viruses). These are often the same ones that cause coughs and colds. red eyes commonly develops when you have a cold or cough. although sometimes it occurs alone. In the vast majority of cases, red eyes is not serious. It clears within a week or so without leaving any permanent damage to the eye.
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    Some eye drops can only contract the blood vessels other than remove the redness for good. And we may addict to this kind of eye drops. Since you have mentioned that spend less time on computer playing or go outside is good for your eyes, why not stop using computers for a while or spend more time in the outside. Besides, use artificial tears instead of red eye drops to lubricate your eyes. But I think the most important thing is to have enough rest. Hope this helped!
  • Melanie gerard


    I see. The over-used of your eyes lead to eye fatigue and red eyes. You may definitely need some rest. Sitting in front of computer for 8 hours will strain your eyes too. Now you'd better reduce the time on computer using. By the way, you may need to apply some artificial tears to lubricate your eyes every half an hour when you are sitting in front of computer. I heard that Systane Ultra can help relieve red eyes so you can have a try. Hope this helped!

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