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Edward White


Why does wearing contacts make my eyes blurry when I go back to glasses?

I have been wearing glasses for more than 4 years. I just started wearing contacts today. I wore them all day then at night I went to take them off and put my glasses on. When I looked through my glasses it was blurry for a bit then went back to normal. Is wearing contacts going to affect my glasses?
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  • Bruce Robot


    Sweetie, since it is the first time you begin to wear contacts, you should wear less than 6 hours. Doctors usually told us that we should wear contacts for less than 8 hours one day. You over-wear contacts today. That might lead to some possible discomfort. But don't worry. This won't affect your vision as long as you follow the instructions of using contacts. Besides, the contacts might slightly shape your eyes so that your prescription will change which makes your glasses goes blurry.
  • duncan


    You may need to have your eyesight checked again. Maybe your prescription has changed slightly due to the contacts. Maybe you need to update your glasses. Hope this helped.


    It sounds a little strange. I think you may have blurry vision rightly after you take off your contacts. But after you put on your glasses, you will have clear vision again. I don't know where the problems lie in. So you should consult your eye doctor for more info. Good luck!

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