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What does it mean when your eyes are two different colors ?

Is there exist people that with two different eye colors? If so, what does it mean?
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  • Christian scott


    If you have two different eye colors, you may have the heterochrome which will cause your eyes have two total different colors. It is usually born to be with. If you want to make two eyes get the same color, you could go through the surgery which will be safe and effective. Now the surgery is safe and effective which you could have a try.
  • Vanessa


    There are indeed some people who have different colors in each of their two eyes. Generally speaking, the different colors in the two eyes for each person will not cause vision problem. These people can possess as normal vision as those who have the same color in their two eyes do. The color of eyes is decided by the amount of pingments in the iris of the eyes. It is may be the amounts of pigments in the two eyes pf a person are not equal or the same that leads to two different colored eyes. But if there are any eye disease coming out in the eyes, people should go to the hospital to have an examination in case of a more serious condition.