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Why do women have better peripheral vision than men ?

I read online that women have better peripheral vision than men. Is this true? Why?
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  • RJ


    To some extent, women do have better peripheral vision than men do. This is because that there are moore visual cone cells in the retina of a woman, thus women possess much broader and wider view than men do. The brain of a woman sets an average view of 45 degrees in all directions and some women even have 180 degrees of views. In total, the peripheral vision of women is three to four times larger than that of men. This is a consequence of human evolution. When human beings were still living in caves, men had to go hunting outside, and women inside the caves had to be maintain vigilance and keep their eyes open in case of their homes getting attacked. Therefore, women practiced to have broader peripheral vision instead of precise vision like men.
  • b0w_d0wn_2_me


    Yes, it is true that peripheral vision of the women is better than that of the men because of the physiological function. Actually the peripheral vision of human is weak, not like the focused vision. Usually people will use it at little chance. In order to protect the eyes, this vision is also important. You need to take the healthy diet and good rest to protect the eyes.

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