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Why does my eye infection keep coming back?

The first eye infection I got was 3 years ago. And i thought it is cured. But the eye infection comes back right now. Why does my eye infection keep coming back?
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  • Shelby


    Well, it seems that your infection is quite serious according to your description. So, generally speaking, there are some types of infections that could last for a long period of time if it is not thoroughly taken care of and cured. Sometimes we will stop taking pills or eye drops once some symptoms of the disease were no longer present. However, they will, somehow, appear again if they are not cured on the root. So, please consult a doctor and follow his advice.
  • Jade scott


    It must be caused by your recent unhealthy habit of using eyes. You may use the eyes in front of computers for a long time with little rest every day. The weak eye system causes the coming bacterium. You'd better use the eye drops as the home remedy now to let the eyes get released. You should better go to the hospital to have a full check on the eyes.
  • c_wilde


    Well, generally speaking, it is possible for your eyes to have eye infection back, even if you have healed it. As we know that eye infection is caused by bacteria, viruses or environmental agents, such as pollens and other irritants. Also, if you have been around in the environment which is full of irritants, it is possible to have eye infection again. So you should be careful about it. And if you have get eye infection, it is possible to have other eye diseases, such as blurred vision, and red eyes, pink eyes. for your situation, going to have an eye exam will be considerable.