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What is a yellow bump on the eye?

There is a yellow bump on my eye. Can you tell me what it is? How to remove it? Help!!!
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  • Bridget C


    Maybe your yellow bump is pinguecula which is a kind of eye disease. Sometimes pinguecula have yellow, gray, white, or colorless appearances. And the bumps are often found on the white part of our eyes and they are always on the side that is closest to our nose. Pingueculae often happen to middle-aged people or older people but some younger people or even children may get them. You can ask your doctor to diagnose your eyes fist and then apply appropriate treatment. Good luck!
  • Mii


    Maybe it is a pterygium. But they are rare cases. When a pinguecula progress, it will become a pterygium in the end. Does your bump like a triangular or wing-shaped growth and it take place on the white part of your eye or extends onto the cornea? A pterygium has blood vessels in it and sometimes it can cover part of the cornea and lead to blurry vision. Prolonged exposure to ultraviolet, wind and dry conditions may lead to pterygium. We can't remove a pterygium by ourselves. We must turn to doctors.
  • Marc


    Maybe it is the pinguecula. You'd better see an eye doctor immediately. If it is just in the initial stage, it means that it is not very serious and doesn't need any special treatments. You can wear sunglasses to protect your eyes when you are in the outside. And sunglasses can also protect our eyes from exposure to wind.
  • Zachary


    I think it may be a pinguecula, you can apply some eye drops to treat with it if it is just the mild pingueculitis. This can help relieve the dryness and irritation. But if the pinguecula invade from the sclera to the cornea and blur your vision in the end, you may need to turn to surgical removal performed by professional doctors.