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Isabel cook


How to make my eyes look like miley cyrus?

I like miley cyrus eyes. What can i do to make my eyes like her eyes?
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  • walksonthabeach


    Well, looks like you like miley cyrus very much. So, as a matter of fact, I fancy her looks too, big eyes, big boobs, nice figure. So, she has got a pair of big blue eyes which are quite attractive to men, I mean, you could also have those eyes after taking the following tips, firstly, you should get some cosmetic products to make up your eyes. Next, you need a pair of blue colored contact lenses which could give you exactly what she has got.
  • commentsforme


    You can do something to make your eyes look like that of miley cyrus. Miley cyrus have beautiful eyes which attract a lot of people. She doesn't wear the contact lenses and owns the beautiful blue eyes. If you want to have her eyes, you could wear the light blue contact lenses which could make your eyes just look charming as hers.