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Brittany green


Can I see better with my eyes dilated?

I wonder if i can see better when my eyes appear dilated pupils?
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  • george


    No, you will not see better because of the dilated eyes. If your dilated eyes are caused by the eyes infection or eyes inflammation, you will see things worse in the vision than that of the normal situation. In a word, although the amount of lights coming into your eyes become much more, you will not see better with your dilated eyes.
  • Kathleen


    I must tell you, dilated eyes have nothing to do with a better vision. Frankly speaking, dilated eyes, if constantly dilated, would lead to blindness. Because generally speaking, dilated eyes would just last a few minutes, if they keep dilated, then there must be something wrong with your eyes. Sometimes, physical injury could lead to dilated eyes. Anyway, try to protect your eyes as much as possible.
  • Jennifer


    Well, generally speaking, when you have dilated pupils, it will be difficult for your eyes to see well. As we know that when dilated pupils occur, the black part of the eye will be bigger than normal one. And that can be annoying and painful to many people. In some cases, it will just lead to blurred vision. so it will not make you see well. For your situation, you should make sure you wash your eyes frequently and apply cleansing eye drops to get rid of any foreign particles. Also, you can try some cool teabags and cucumbers under your eyes. And that can be good for your situation. anyway, just pay more attention to it.