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Can Stress Cause Headaches and Blurred Vision?

I am suffering from great stress recently. I also have headaches and blurred vision too. I want to know whether stress will cause headaches and blurred vision. How to relieve this? Help!!!
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  • Alexia charles


    Dear friend, stress can cause headaches and blurred vision. But headaches and blurred vision can be caused by other reasons too. As you are suffering from great pressure, I suggest you to relieve your stress first. The first thing you need to do is to find out what cause the stress. If the stress was coming from work, you need to improve yourself to adapt to the work. Usually this will just take few weeks to adapt to a new job, so don't worry, you will overcome the stress soon. If you are too tired and too busy with many things all day long, I suggest you to stop and have a rest. You can have yoga every day to relax yourself or have a holiday to relax your tired body.
  • warren


    Of course stress may lead to headaches and blurred vision. We often have tense nerves when we are suffering from great stress in our daily lives. Headaches and blurred vision can be caused by the effect of tense nerves. We know that the nerves in our head will affect each other and transmit all the information. But blurry vision can be a common symptom of dry eyes. If you have dry eye, I suggest you to treat with your dry eye syndrome with artificial tears at the same time. And you also need to find some ways to relax yourself and soothe your nerves. If you relax, relieve tense nerves, your stress and anxiety will be solved at the same time, and the headache and blurred vision may disappear on its own.
  • Rebecca


    Often stress can trigger headaches, which can sometimes even cause blurred vision. And stress itself is known to produce a wide variety of physical and mental symptoms, including episodes of blurred vision.
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