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My eye keeps watering up for no reason?

Oh! God! My eyes are watering again. This symptom keeps for almost a week. What's wrong with my eyes? I don't even know what caused this. Can you tell me what will cause eyes watering and how to cure it? Thanks a lot!
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  • Anome


    I think there must be some reasons for your watering eyes. You just don't aware of the causes. Watering eyes can be caused by excessive tear production or poor tear drainage. If you got irritation or inflammation of the eyes, your eye will produce more water than usual. This will cause watering eyes. And the dry eye problem can sometimes cause watery eyes too. When this happens, the eyes need to produce excess tears to combat dryness. As you don't know the reason, you must consult your eye doctor for treatment.
  • Tyler george


    When your eyes are watering, you can use a simple way to treat it. You can deal with the excessive tear production with eye drops or warm compresses. But I think your situation is quite complicated. Maybe it is the tear drainage problems. Doctor often use surgical to treat it. This may sounds horrible. But actually there's no need to worry, because most surgical treatments are quick and effective. You can make an appointment your eye specialists for consultation first.