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What eye drops is safe for contacts?

I am a contact user. I need some eye drops to ease my eye strains and protect from dry eye. Can you give me some suggestions? But I want to buy some safe products which will cause little side effect on our eyes.
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  • b0wfing3r


    I think the medicines all have some side effects on our health. We often use medicines to cure severe health problems while ignore their side effects at the same time. I can tell you there is no completely safe eye drops for contacts. Many eye drops are required to take off the contact lenses before using them. But I heard that Rewetting drops are specifically formulated for contact lenses. If you have any interest, you can search the feedback on the internet before you have a try.
  • claire_lew


    Compared with glasses, although contacts are more convenient and also a great way to correct our vision, it also has some drawbacks. One of the drawbacks which often annoy us is that we cannot use common types of eye drops when you are wearing the contact lenses. However, I'd like to tell you two types of eye drops which are specifically formulated for contact lenses. The first one is clear eyes contact lens lubricating eye drops. It is more safe and effective. The second one is Boston rewetting drops. If your eyes are irritated by wind, pollutants and allergens when you wear your contacts, a few drops will give your eyes the right level of moisture. You needn't take off your contact lenses.
  • Rebecca


    Not all eye drops are created equal, and if you wear contacts, it's important to know which are safe for your lenses and which are not. Most over-the-counter eye drops are divided into three categories: drops for dry eye, drops for redness, and drops for contact lens re-wetting.
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