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Angelica christian


What happens when you wear your contact lenses for too long ?

My sister just told me that she doesn't want to wear contacts any more last night. She said that contacts made her eyes so dry and red. And sometimes it will stick in her eyes. But she often wear the contacts for a whole day. I don't know what happens when we wear contacts for too long. Will theses be the normal symptoms of wearing contacts? How to relieve them?
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  • catherinecraven


    I happened to the same situation as you are facing. Yesterday, my roommate wanted to take the contacts for her sister. It was the first day that her sister wore the contacts. Her sister said that the contacts made her eyes red and dry. Dear friend, many current contact users will suffer from dry eye after wearing contacts. And they may easily to get an eye infection too. But you can tell your sister that these are the common problems that most contact users will meet. She can apply artificial tears to lubricate her eyes every hour and not wear contacts for too long.
  • eeniemeenie005


    Usually the doctor will suggest us to wear contacts no more than 8 hours one day. And we also can't sleep in our contacts. Wearing contacts for a long time may bring us problems such as dry eye, red and itchy eyes. Sometimes we may suffer an eye infection in the end for contacts do directly on the most delicate part of our eyes. Any bacteria will cause big disaster to our eyes. You can tell your sister wash her hands carefully before wearing contacts and don't wear contacts for too long. If she likes, she can drink plenty of water or apply artificial tears to keep her eyes moistened.
  • Rebecca


    Wearing contact lenses is safe. However, wearing contact lenses will damage your eyewear if you wear it for a long time, fail to clean them properly or do not replace them as directed by your eye doctor.It is said that we just can wear contact lenses for 8 hours a day. If you wear it for a long time, it will cause discomfort or damage your eyes.
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