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how much do prescription sunglasses go for?

I want to get some prescription sunglasses as it is summer now . but the only problem is that i use prescription eyeglasses, So, anyone knows how much do prescription sunglasses usually cost? I just need an estimate.
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  • walentynka


    It is a smart choice to get prescription sunglasses for fashion if you use prescription eyeglasses . The cost does vary a lot according to the style and brand you choose. I got my prescription sunglasses only for $50 online . If you are tight with money , you can shop in online in quite low price . If your budget allows , you can go for designer sunglasses such as Ray Ban ,Gucci,D&G and so on . They can be as expensive as $300 or more . Generally the thinner lenses you choose ,the more they will cost .
  • Jade


    It depends on several factors, such as the type, brand , the prescription and where you go. I would say the prescription sunglasses in most places usually cost you $100.00 -$150.00 if you just get basic prescription sunglasses. If you want to add some coatings to the lenses, it may cost you more.

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