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Allison walker


Does cataract surgery change the color of your eyes?

I just want to know if cataract surgery can change the color of the eyes? If not, is there any way that possible to change the color of eyes?
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  • Maxine Reese


    I had cataract surgery about 5 yrs ago. My eyes used to be as green as a lima bean; now they're turning a deep blue with very little green left, only when light shines at a certain angle.
  • April


    Two of my three kids eyes change color after cataract surgery. Most dramatic was My daughters, turned from emerald green to Crystal Blue.. I myself ended up with one brown and one gray eye after cataract surgery however it slowly happened over the . Of 2 years
  • brandi


    It is possible for cataract surgery to alter your eye color, but not at all common. I was born with a cataract and had it removed about 12 years ago and my eye color changed from a light blue to a dark green/hazel. The pupil was also effected, it no longer dilates and it is also no longer round its kind of an oblong oval. Other than slight light sensitivity the effects were purely superficial.
  • Sharon Field


    No, the cataract surgery will not change the change of your eyes which is usually determined by your genetic genes. If your color of the eyes has been changed, you should take notice of your health. If you have the liver problems, your color of the eyes may become yellow. Thus, you should protect your eyes to keep the healthy color of the eyes.
  • Debrina Freeman


    I had cataract surgery 2 months ago. I had one eye done and the other one 2 weeks later. My eyes were light green until the cataracts took over they became a dark greenish dark blueish, not a pretty green/blue either. Once the cataracts were removed and new lens put into my eyes for mono vision, (Toric in dominant left eye and reg. IOL in the right eye, { REG. IOL Lens way better than the TORIC lens, in my opinion after having one of each, plus reg. IOL lens alot cheaper by 1,000 plus dollars}, And I have noticed that my eye color have changed back to the original eye color of light green like I used to have before cataracts made them darker ugly color. Glad they changed back and got the cloudy out. I will say again, the reg. IOL lens that most insurance cover or at least little pay out of pocket is much better than the Toric which Im having problems with every day. Feels weird and off. Eye is irritated alot. But not the eye with the reg. IOL. There is no dry eye either. It's the Toric lens.
  • Jayce T


    I had unique, beautiful green eyes since I was a child, with a hazel ring around the pupil. When I was 50, I had mild cataracts removed. The cataracts had not developed enough to cloud the eye. My eyes changed color and are now a nondescript grey color. The color change has been distressful, because it changed my appearance. The doctor can’t or won’t tell me how the color changed, but I suspect the implanted lens affected the color. As a young adult, I wore hard contact lenses that also changed my eyes color when I wore them. They coloured the lens slightly grey so the eye wasn’t as sensitive to light. I suspect they did the same thing with the implants resulting in a color change. My green eyes were a light color, so it wouldn’t take much to affect the color
  • Pete


    Well, in my opinion, this kind of eye surgery cannot change your eye color. And generally speaking, you should know that a cataract is a clouding of the normally clear lens of the eye. And when it occurs, it can eventually block the central line of sight and impairs vision. At this moment, you should take cataract surgery to heal it, so we can say that cataract surgery is an operation to remove the clouded lens and this will be very effective. But on the other hand, there is nothing to do with your eye color, even if you have taken the surgery. And according to some experts, your eye color can change with emotion and weather. So just be careful about it.
  • Caley


    I had a traumatic cataract when I was 3 , the surgeries (3) at the Cleveland clinic changed my eye color from brown to blue. When my surgery was done it was not known how it would take with me being so young, and was never really done at that time , 1996, thank god we lived near the clinic they saved my eye!!!
  • Bobbie K Gregory


    Yes, my eyes were green, and the one eye I had the surgery on is now ice blue. It doesn't look right, and the other one is still green, until my next cataract surgery next week. Thank God I can see, but it most definitely changed the color.