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Adam peters


Can I wear contact lenses when fasting?

I love fasting but i have bad eyesight. Is it ok to wear contacts while i am fasting?
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  • Josh


    No, you'd better not wear the contact lenses while you are fasting. Because you will feel dizzy at the head when you are fasting, you will feel discomfort when wearing the contact lenses. Fasting will make your eyes feel dry which may get infection. Thus, you'd better not wear the contact lenses while fasting.
  • Caleb murphy


    Of course yes. Generally speaking, it is permissible to use contact lenses when fasting. And the fact that they are first placed in a cleansing solution, so in that way, it does not matter. As we know that the worst that can happen is that some of this solution leaks into the eye. Thus it is like eye drops, and eye drops do not invalidate the fast, according to the correct scholarly opinion. And also you should pay more attention to the infection for your eyes are infected easily. So just be careful when you are fasting.

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