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What are the side effects of Lutein for eyes?

I thought Lutein is good for eyes. But recently, i hear that there are also side effects of Lutein to eyes. So, what are the side effects that Lutein will bring to eyes?
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  • Colleen


    Taking a very high amount for long periods may disturb the balance of carotenoids in eye tissue or other organs and result in fuzzy vision until the supplements are stopped and the balance restored over a few days. If the deposition is quite intense then a person might also experience a dizzy feeling, irritation in eyes and skin. In some cases, people have also complained about heartburn and minor digestive problems due to over dosage of lutein, so it is best to keep dosage to a total of less than 30 mg over a period of a week, if you are taking a lutein supplement, do not mix it with any other eye supplement.
  • Matthew


    Lutein can help preserve our eyes stay in good condition for a long time. As for the side effects, that may depend on the mode of intake of lutein. It's said that the average adult diet consists of 2-3mg lutein in a day by eating vegetables as well as eggs, and that is not enough. Getting some supplement is necessary. And you should pay attention that do not mix that supplement with other eye supplement. It is recommended to look for a supplement that not only contains lutein, but other beneficial ingredients such as Zeaxanthin and Zinc. Besides, Vitamin E is a wonderful choice. In conclusion, it is unnecessary to worry about the side effects of lutein.
  • handygrl_90


    We should build a concept that more is less. Everything no matter which is good or not for our health, will bring side effects once excessive consumption. If you take a high dose for a long time, it may disturb the balance of carotenoids in your eye tissue and other organs. In addition, it may lead to blurred visual representation. So you'd better to keep dosage to a total of less than 30mg in a period of week.

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