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Danai P.


How to choose the most realistic contact lenses to my eyes?

Now, there are many colored contact lenses that can help enhance our look. But most of them look dull. I want to look some colored contacts that look realistic. So, how to choose it ?
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  • emptypayphone


    Choosing the most realistic contact lenses shall depend on your personality and your hair color as well as your skin colors. Besides, you shall avoid choosing some dramatic contact lenses such as red contacts, whole black contact lenses and white contact lenses etc. To enhance your look, you shall choose one that looks similar to your eyes.
  • Bernadette Korey


    There are both advantages and disadvantages of colored contact. Generally speaking, colored contact will make your eyes look more attractive, but the damage to your eyes may be larger. When you choose contact, you should firstly make sure what your eyes' condition is and how often will you wear contacts. And then it is a must to seek professional advice. Choosing the correct contact lenses will ensure comfortable fit and healthy eyes. To sum up, go to an optical shop to ask for professional advice and look for contacts of good quality.

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