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Are there such things called prescritpion football goggles?

I like to play football with my friends. But i am nearsighted. It is very boring to wear my prescription eyeglasses when playing football. I hear there are prescription sports goggles for athletes. So, i just wondering is there such a thing called prescription football goggles?
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  • Tessence


    Yes, there are prescription football goggles that particularly made for football players. For people with poor vision, they can buy football goggles with prescription lenses providing vision aids. Besides, football goggles usually made from polycarbonate material that is 10 times more strong than regular materials for eyeglasses. So, with it, they can also shield your eyes and you don't worry that the goggles will be broken in the games.
  • Justin fergus


    The answer is absolutely yes. And there also a lot of different styles and colors available. You may go to some online stores to have a look such as When you choose goggles, remember the following points: Choose polycarbonate Lenses which is the most important property of all protective goggles; It is better that frames are durable and must cover the entire eye socket; The choice of color is also very important. Even though you are wearing goggles when you play football, you should also watch out and take good care of your eyes.

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