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What are some cool sunglasses for men in 2012?

I plan to buy a pair of cool sunglasses for my boyfriend. What styles of sunglasses are cool?
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  • Cary


    There are several tips to choose a nice and cool pair of sunglasses for your boyfriend and I have several suggestions for you. Firstly, you can choose some simple-designed sunglasses. The simpleness and conciseness will make your boyfriend look tasty and cool. Secondly, you can pick some sport sunglasses for your boyfriend. It helps to make him fashionable and very manly. At last, you can also choose some pilot sunglasses for him, which are quite fashionable this year. Hope your boyfriend will like your presents.
  • Jacqueline warren


    Speaking of cool sunglasses for men, there are certain types you can choose from. Among them, you will never go wrong with aviator sunglasses. They are all the time cool and a good fashion accessory to spice up men's look. vintage sunglasses are also good choices since vintage style is still hot. We can see many guys even with Hollywood celebs wearing vintage sunglasses. They are really cool.
  • green


    I'd like to introduce you some best selling sunglasses to you. For man, wayfarer sunglasses, aviator sunglasses and Oakley men's sunglasses are the wonderful choices. Both wayfarer and aviator sunglasses are very classic as well as chic. 2012 is a year of vintage style. So that kind of glasses are quite welcomed among stars and people who are going after fashion. If you want something that stands out from the crowd and can make you look cool, try those styles. And remember that the material and color of sunglasses are also of great importance, so you should pay special attention.

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