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How to turn glasses into sunglasses?

I have poor vision and wear prescription eyeglasses. I also want to shield eyes from intensive light. But i don't want to carry sunglasses and eyeglasses at the same time. Is there anyway that i can turn my glasses into sunglasses in the sun?
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  • Makayla raphael


    If you want to take one pair of eyeglasses and use it as both prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses, you can buy transition glasses(also called photochromic glasses) or clip on eyeglasses. In details, transition eyeglasses can react itself in the sun, it will turn to dark lenses in the sun and return transparent lenses indoor. Of course, they can be made with prescription. And clip on eyeglasses is a type of eyeglasses that make of two layers of lenses. They outside layer of dark lenses can shield your eyes in sun and the inside clear lenses can made with prescription.
  • Aaron may


    I think myopia eyeglasses may be a good choice for you. Combining the functions of normal prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses, they easily make you feel comfortable in the sun. By now, there are four main kinds of myopia eyeglasses in the market: 1. colored myopia eyeglasses, low in price and performance; 2.clip-on myopia eyeglasses,convenient and popular; 3. integrative myopic sunglasses, easy to suit dark places; 4. faddish myopia sunglasses, best performance with highest prices. For more information, pls refer to

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