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What causes constantly watering eyes?

It is so strange that i got watering eyes everyday before i go to bed. I not feel sad. But my tears just come and i can't control it. Why?
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  • Melissa


    Is there any foreign objects in your eyes or dusts in the house that your are living. We know that tears help to wash foreign objects and dust away. When our eyes produce too many tears, it will lead to watery eyes. If your watery eyes are caused by bad hygiene in your living place, you can relieve your symptoms by keep your place clean.
  • Kelly Dalton


    There are many causes for watery eyes. I don't know which one is more appropriate to your situation. The causes such as blocked tear ducts, infection, injury, dust, allergies, or wind may cause watery eyes. Usually, watery eyes can be resolved without treatment if it is not serious, but as to the serious situations or chronic watery eyes, I think we should consult our doctors.
  • victor zammit


    I had two attacks of Bells Palsy some years ago. Since then my eyes keep watering - not too much, but water regularly during the day. Can that be cured?