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Is it ok to wear contact lenses while surfing?

Surfing is really exciting. I saw most of them wearing swimming goggles or some strange sunglasses while surfing. I wonder if i can wear contact lenses during surfing ?
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  • Michelle percy


    No, i do not recommend you to wear contact lenses while surfing. It will be dangerous and causes eye infection etc. As we know, it is inevitable that you may get some sea water into your eyes when you surfing. And the sea water is not clean as trap water. If you wear contact lenses, the sea water may bring some bacterium that can damages your contacts or even cause eye infection. So,you'd better wear swim goggles to protect your eyes.
  • Jade


    You'd better not wear contact lenses while surfing because the parasite in the seawater may infect your eyes. That is the reason why a lot of people get pink eyes and feel pain in eyes after surfing with contact lenses. However, there is a new type of prescription swimming goggles which look cool and help you see clearly when surfing. You may take this into consideration.
  • Caitlin


    No, you should not wear contact lenses while surfing. Sea water can create one kind of organism which is called acanthamoeba. The acanthamoeba can make your eyes infected easily. And wearing contact lenses when surfing in water will let your eyes hurt and infected. So when you go surfing, you'd better not wear contact lenses. I think you can wear some special glasses which are designed for swimming and surfing. At the same time, after you have surfed from the sea, you should wash your eyes as soon as possible so that it will not let some dirty thing invade into your eyes.
  • Esperanza Buzacott


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