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What are good sunglasses for a fat head?

I have a fat head. What type of sunglasses will look good on me? Any suggestion?
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  • charlene1o2


    If you are fat head, you may probably have a big size of head. So, when you choose sunglasses, you shall try some oversized sunglasses or big sunglasses. If you also have a fine skin, you can try a pair of oversized black sunglasses that will make you look thinner and smaller. Just try some oversized sunglasses and test out what type of sunglasses suit for you best.
  • Kelly


    If you have a fat head, I think the sunglasses with thick frame may suit you. The frame is thick which can get the effect of shrinking your face, especially from the flank side. What's more, you'd better not choose the type of sunglasses with big lenses which may exaggerate your shape of face. Thus, the sunglasses with thick frame and little lenses suit you most.
  • Dixie Mentry


    You should know that it's a tough task to choose good sunglasses for some people who have a fat head, but there are still some tips which can help you make a good choice. First, you should avoid small rounded eyeglasses frames. Because such frames are concentrated on the middle part of your face and they will make your chubby cheeks more visible. Second, you can go for eyeglasses with rectangular frames that are not too thin or too thick. So next time, when you go to choose some sunglasses, you can have a good one by using these tips. But you should also pay attention to the color and the material.

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