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What to do for eyes after touching jalapeno?

I cooked some food but some jalapeno entered into my eyes. It is really painful. I just washed out my eyes immediately. But it is still painful. What should i do to reduce such eye pain? Pleases help!
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  • fergus


    There is a wonderful way for you to use to clean your eyes while decrease the pain. Firstly, softly closes your eyes, and cough for a short while, the foreign material will get out mostly. Then prepare a large tub of water, and put your eyes under the water surface. Then, you can blink your eyes frequently after that. After all the jalapeno get out of your eyes, you can use a humid towel on your eyes to relief the pain feeling. It will get well soon.
  • walkinginlight


    Sure, you will be feel painful of your eyes after you touch jalapeno. And you are wise to wash out your eyes immediately with a lots of clear water. Maybe after a while, it will recover itself. If you worry about it, you'd better get your eyes checked by an doctor and he/she may prescribe you some medicine or eye drops to help you release from pain.
  • clairegriffon


    Jalapeno, an irritant, will of course make your eyes feel pain when entering into your eyes. What you do is right. First of all, you should wash your eyes with clean water as soon as possible. Then, you let the eyes recover by themselves. However, if you still worry about it or the symptom has not declined for a long time, you may go to see the doctor and have a careful check.

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