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How often should i change contact lenses solution?

I bought a pair of contact lenses. This is the first time I wear contacts. The doctor told me that we should always keep the lenses in solution if I do not wear it. I want to know how often I should change contact lenses solution.
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  • Isabel fergus


    To keep clean of your contact lenses, you are required to clean your contacts everyday with solutions. And the solution use for keeping your contact lenses also need to change everyday for the sake of your eye heath. Even if you are not wearing the contact lenses everyday, you also need to clean them everyday, or at most every 3 days.
  • Jaime


    In general, the contact lens solution is stored in a bottle, which has warranty for one year at maximum. However, it would be expired even it's unopened during the warranty, due to the solution is made of saline and water that would be separated and lost efficiency. Meanwhile, you have to replace the solution in the case every time you place your contact lenses if you store them in the cases. It's a good way to reduce the risk of infection from the case itself.
  • Michelle percy


    If you don't wear your contact lenses, you'd better change the solution which main ingredients are sodium chloride and preservative every day. Only after the contact lenses are soaked in the solution for more than six hours can they get the effect, such as the disinfection, cleaning, deproteinization and moisturizing. Thus, changing the solution every day is so important for the keeping of good habit of hygiene.
  • Ryan evelyn


    Generally speaking, you should change your contact lenses solution everyday so that you can make sure they are not infected. As we know that contact lenses are something made of plastic, it's easy to be infected in the air. Even by yourself such as your dirty hands. Besides, not only should you change your contact lenses solution everyday,. You should clean your contact lenses everyday. After you have used them, just take them out and clean them carefully, then put them in the cases. So that it can prevent being invaded by many dirty objects.

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