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Why do oakley sunglasses cost so much money?

I know that Oakley sunglasses are a famous brand for sunglasses. But it is really expensive for me. Why are they expensive? Are their sunglasses much better than others sunglasses?
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  • Cassidy bell


    Yes, Oakley sunglasses is a famous brand. You know, most of famous brand products are more expensive than regular and common sunglasses. So, it is normal. Besides, Oakley sunglasses are also very popular because of their sports sunglasses or sports goggles that other brands of eyeglasses may not available. And they did made in good quality to help athletes shield their eyes during some dangerous sports activity.
  • Brook Park


    The reasons why the oakley sunglasses cost so much money may due to the brand. Besides these, the oakley sunglasses are really good at the quality which can be proved from the pervious to light force. In addition, the anti-throw function of oakley sunglasses is good which is matched with this brand. Thus, the high price is reasonable and worthy.
  • chris R


    Yes, they really worth the high cost. First you should know that Oakley sunglasses have become a trademark amongst many in the younger, sportier set. This can be a big fashionable trend which has attracted many people. On the other hand, they are popular with many people because of their extreme durability and functionality. The designers have made great effort to t creating them. So you choose to wear them, you will feel comfortable and they also can protect your eyes in a perfect way. They have high cost.

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