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Are bold glasses sexy on guys?

I found many girls wearing these bold glasses are quite sexy. Will they also be sexy on guys?
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  • bell


    It depends on whether they look good on them. Some guys with bold eyeglasses on look more confident and the eyeglasses highlight their image because bold eye glasses have a strong and vivid appearance. However, not everyone are suitable for wearing bold eyeglasses. I've seen some guys who wear bold eyeglasses look awesome and stupid jiust like a nerd. So before you get bold eye glasses to wear, you should try them on first.
  • Isabelle


    bold glasses? Not all bold eyeglasses will look good on guys. Some people may get sexy look with bold eyeglasses, some guys may get a funky look with bold glasses. Now that you are interesting in bold eyeglasses frames, why not try on and test out yourself? If you don't want to drive around, you can go some online shops that provide Virtual Try-on System and try on their bold glasses. The, you can judge it yourself.

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