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Are the eyes connected to the throat ?

Sometimes when i take eye drops, a little bit eye drops get into my throat. I just wonder if the eyes connected to the throat.
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  • Luis lewis


    Yes, the eyes care connected to the throat. That is why you feel the taste of the eye drops in the throat when you use the eye drops in your eyes. In addition, the nose part is also connected with eyes. If you have any problems in throat or nose, your eyes may get affected. That is why a lot of people get the eye problems because of the sinus infections. Now a lot of people get the rhinitis which is a chronic inflammatory long-term stimulus nasal mucosa in local congestion. You should now pay attention to rest and nutrition. It is best to drink water more, increasing exercise to improve resistance to prevent colds and infection. Or else, the nose problems will cause your eyes problems, too. You should exercise your body to improve the whole constitution to prevent from the cold which will cause the eye problems through the nose or throat.
  • hands_down360


    The eyes are connected to the nose whereas the nasal cavity is connected to the oral cavity. When you take eye drops, eye drops can drain into a small opening located on the inside corner of your upper and lower eyelids, and then it can flow into the nasal cavity through the nasolacrimal duct, and then into the oral cavity so that you can taste the eye drops in your mouth. If you do not like the flavor, you can take a mint after dripping eye drops. Also you can press your finger into the inner corner of your eyes while dripping the eye drops to prevent it flowing down into the ducts.
  • casebell


    Well, looks like that special phenomenon intrigues you. So, from what I know, it is true that not only the eye and throat, but many parts of our body are interconnected so that it would be common for you to feel that way. And generally speaking, it matters not that the eye drops get into your throat, it is ok. Just take it easy but try to keep your eyes clean and make proper use of them.