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How to prevent morning eye crust?

I am so unhappy about my eye crust, do you guys know how to prevent morning eye crust? Any home remedies?
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  • Melanie smith


    Usually the morning eye crust is caused by the eye infection because of the invisible bacterium. In order to prevent morning eye crust, you'd better keep the clear symptom of the eyes. There are some home remedies for you. You could use the eye drops with anti-inflammation to make your eyes be moisture. In addition, you could also use the warm compress to make your eyes moisture.
  • crazyfirekiller


    If the eye crust only happens to you in the morning, you need not worry about it because it is harmless. Actually, it is one part of the natural defense system. But you should be cautious about this condition, for this means a certain kind of bacteria has tried to enter your eyes when you are sleeping. So you should wash your face and eyes thoroughly before you sleep and after you wake up. Your hands should also be cleaned, for you may rub your eyes with them unconsciously when you are sleeping. Irritation from pollen, smoke, and gusty wind can make your eyes crusty in the morning. If the eye crust is followed by eye swelling and pain, you must visit an ophthalmologist immediately. Warm compresses, washing eyes with baby shampoo and massaging lids downward can be used as home remedies to relieve severe eye crust.

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