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Is pink eye contagious during the incubation period?

I want to know that if pink eye can be infectious during the incubation period. What can we do to prevent from getting a pink eye?
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  • eclipseracer01


    Pink eyes are usually caused by bacterial infection. So, it is contagious. But pink eyes is contagious through directly contact. As long as you didn't contact people with pink eyes, it will be ok no matter he got pink eyes or during incubation period. So, to prevent our eyes from pink eyes, you shall not share towel, eye shadow, eyeliner and mascara cream to others. Besides, you shall wash your hands immediately if you shake hands with people suffered from pink eyes. Hope this can help you.
  • cocreative


    Yes, pink eyes can be infectious during the incubation period. It can be contagious through the common use of the cloth or other personal things. In order to let you prevent from getting a pink eye, you should better get away from people with pink eyes. You should keep the hygiene habit during your daily life. It is very important for you to keep the health of the eyes.
  • Aaron may


    Yea, pink eye can be infectious during the incubation period, it is highly contagious. You know, pink eye is spread through contact with the eye drainage, which contains the virus or bacteria that caused the pink eye. Therefore, you should not share towels, linens, pillows, handkerchiefs, eye makeup, eye medicines, contact lens equipments, containers and contact lenses solutions with others. And you should keep issues mentioned above clean, especially linens, towels, handkerchiefs and washcloths. Wash and change them often. Wash your hands frequently, especially when you are in public places and keep a hand disinfectant at hand to use it often. Avoid rubbing your eyes with hands. Confronted with wind, sand storm, heat and chemicals, you need to wear eye protection such as safety glasses to prevent eye irritation. When you go swimming, you had better wear swim goggles to protect yourself from bacteria and other microorganisms in the water in case of conjunctivitis.

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