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Can pink eye cause blindness?

What is pink eye? Is it a kind of serious disease? I heard that it will cause vision lost. Really?
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  • walkmen123


    Pink eye is equal to conjunctivitis. It is an inflammation of the conjunctiva. In the United States, it is said to be the most common eye infection. It often causes a mild redness with watery eyes. But if the infection is too serious, it may impair your vision or even cause vision lost.
  • Linda


    Pink eye is not a very serious disease. It can be dangerous only if you got the contagious one and do not seek for any help before the situation turns really bad. Then it may affect your eyesight. Though vision is usually not affected, you must pay attention to the symptoms of pink eyes and see doctors timely. When your eyes are very sensitive to light, there is a stickiness of the eyelids, the eyelids are swollen, and Itching, you may get pink eye. It is important to have your eye problem diagnosed by an eye care professional.
  • everetthol


    Pink eye also is called conjunctivitis, which is an inflammation of the conjunctiva, the tissue covering the eye and inner surface of the eyelid. It can be infectious or noninfectious. The common types of noninfectious conjunctivitis are allergic conjunctivitis (caused by an allergic reaction) and irritant conjunctivitis (caused by anything that irritates the eyes, such as air pollution or chlorine in pools).In most cases, infectious conjunctivitis causes only minor problems with no risk of damage to the eyes or vision. In very rare instances, though, it can cause permanent damage or even blindness, so be sure to see your doctor if you think you have pinkeye.

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