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miguel gaytan


Can eyesight go bad again after laser eye surgery?

I want to have a laser eye surgery, but I hear people say that eyesight can go bad again, is it true?
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  • Dylan duncan


    Just as everything is a double-edged sword, laser eye surgery can improve your eyesight, on the other hand, it can also make your eyesight worse if you don't take good care of your eyes after the surgery. But if you care your eyes well, this will not happen. E.g. one cause of regression that can be prevented is dry eyes. Therefore, if you use the lubricating drops to avoid damage to the corneas all the time, your vision will not regress easily.
  • Hunter


    Yes, it is possible for your eyes to go bad again after laser eye surgery, if you don't take good care of your eyes. These factors may cause regression. First, dry eyes, to deal with this, you should use eye drops to moisturize your corneas. What's more, not developing a good habit, for example, reading while lying in the bed. Therefore, you should learn to look after your eyes. But all in all, the benefit of laser surgery is huge.
  • Rebecca


    Unfortunately laser eye surgery, no matter how successful,the natural changes and deterioration in our eyes as we age will not be halted by LASIK surgery. Natural deterioration of eyesight, whether you have LASIK surgery or not will still take effect. Most patients who undergo LASIK surgery see immediate improvements in their vision and no longer need to wear eyeglasses.
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