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Do carrots make you see better in the dark?

I heard many people said that carrots are good for eyes. Is that true? Why? Do carrots make you see better in the dark?
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  • Riley eddy


    Well, it seems that you are going to turn to vegetables for help. As a matter of fact, carrot is a good vegetable which contains a lot of nutritions and vitamins, including Vitamin B and A, both beneficial to your eye health. Indeed, by taking some carrots and some other vegetables, we are enabled to improve our vision to some extent.And it allows you to have better night vision. Just pay more attention to your eyes in multiple ways
  • Jonathan griffin


    Yes, the carrots are good for the eyes. It will make your eyes have better vision in the dark. In general, the carrots contain richly the carotene, vitamin C and B vitamins. Carrots have rich nutrition which has the role of treatment in nyctalopia, protecting respiratory and promoting children's growth function. It also contains many minerals such as calcium, phosphorus and iron. The carrots will have great role for the eyes and liver. Richly containing a lot of carotene, this kind of carotene molecular structure is equivalent to two molecular vitamin A. That is to say, 50% of them will be changed into vitamin A in the liver and intestinal mucosa after enzyme role. It can tonify the liver and bright the eye. It can treat nyctalopia. Thus, you'd better eat more carrots to bright the eyes to have a good sight in the dark.
  • Anna


    Unfortunately no, it is a myth, in fact, it do benefit eye health. As we all know, carrot is a good source of carotenoids, it is rich in vitamin A that is an essential nutrient for keeping eye health, especially for effective night vision. However, it could not improve your overall eyesight, but can prevent loss of night vision and keep the corneas moist and healthy. If you have a deficiency of vitamin A, it can lead to chronic dry eyes and painful erosion of the cornea from excessive dryness. Hence, you should consider it into your daily diet to ensure your eye health.

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