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Does smoking cause eye cancer?

Does smoking too much actually cause eye cancer? Is there any way to reduce this risk if i smoke?
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  • adams


    Well, no, smoking can not lead to eye cancer. But smoking too much can cause a lot of eye diseases. So you should quit smoking. For example, when you smoke, it will make bilirubin, which is a byproduct of old red blood cells, can not be filtered by the liver as efficiently. So in this way, you have increased blood flow to the eyes, and even mild jaundice. Finally, you'll get yellow eyes. Besides, by smoking, it can also lead to dark circles, eye bags and the lazy eyes. In some cases, it can lead to the long term effects, such as hearing loss, and the lung problem. And also, it can degrade the night vision. So it can be kind of dangerous. Anyway, it is kind of risk that your eyes have diseases. To avoid them, the only thing you should do is to quit smoking.
  • hand_in_glove_


    As we all know, smoking is very harmful for our health, including the eyes. The most serious is that you can get eye cancer because of much smoking. For instance, when you are taking a drag off a cigarette, there will be much hot smoke around you and your eyes, which will make your eyes to get glossy meanwhile eye tokes. Besides, if you are so careless that many smoke come into your eyes directly, the harm to your eyes will be double. Of course, the smoke will not make you get the eye cancer directly, instead, you will lose your eye vision, and then at last you will have a date with the eye cancer, because the chemicals in tobacco (cigarette) can promote the risk of forming a condition that is known as the toxic optic, and then you will feel your eyes dry and painful. If you go to see doctor at that time, the doctor will tell you the reasons and advise you stop smoking. As a friend, taking you and your eyes into consideration, you had better stop smoking.


    Yes, smoking too much may cause the eye cancer which generally refers to the eye squamous cell carcinoma. This kind of disease is existed for a long history which causes the malignant tumor. This eye cancer will stimulate the blindness in the very serious situation. With medical research advances, the virus theory accounts for the powerful position. There are many reasons to cause the eye cancers, such as carcinogenic quality by genetic. Or the palpebral edge part is in the lack of pigment. If you are exposed in the sun for a long time, you may be especially affected by the strong ultraviolet radiation and malnutrition. That is why the eye cancer comes. When you smoke a lot, the inner material will stimulate the eye nerves which at the same time will cause the malnutrition for the eyes. You should set a plan to reduce the time of smoking.
  • vernie brogan


    Adverse effects of smoking on our health like heart disease and lung cancer are well known, but eye threatening problems are usually less known. Though smoking directly doesn%u2019t cause eye cancer, but it just help in increasing health disorders which might lead to cancer. Like Cataracts is one of the leading causes of blindness and study shows that smokers have great risk of developing a cataract compared with non-smokers. Also Macular degeneration causes "blind spots%u201D and smokers have great risk of developing AMD compared to non smokers.

    However, in eye care industry there are great inventions done by companies like present at which improve vision care and help in diagnosing disease early.

    But it doesn%u2019t mean you should not take precaution and avoid smoking to reduce such inconsequence.

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