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Matthew baker


How to get rid of sunburned eyes?

It is really upset me to suffer sunburned eyes. Can you give me some idea? How can i remove it?
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  • walkingrain


    If you wear nothing under the strong sun light, you may easily get the sunburned eyes. It will really upset you. If you want to remove it, you need to have the good rest for the eyes, not sitting in front of the computers for a long time. You could use the warm compress to make your eyes feel comfortable. In addition, you could also use the eye drops with anti-inflammation to make your eyes feel comfortable.
  • Dixie Mentry


    Usually, overexposure to ultraviolet radiation is harmful to eyes, which will cause dry eye ,red eyes, itchy eye, sensitivity to lights and even eye infections. If you got sunburn eyes, remember use clean cool water to wash your eyes, and keep your eyes clean. Cool water helps bring down the temperature of your fragile eye skin. Then use some aloe vera juice either purchased or taken fresh from an aloe leaf to apply on your eyes; or use tea bags without sugar to sooth and relieve some of the discomfort such as itchy, red symptoms of sunburned eyes. Additionally, cold compress is also an effective way to relieve sunburned eyes, which will prevent your eyes from burning sensations and reduce the discomforts of eyes, meanwhile refresh your eyes. If you suffer dehydration, you may need fluid replacement. So you should drink more water when exposed to the sun, because your body loses water and essential salt in the sunlight. Never forget to put on sunscreen before going out. To make overall protection for your eyes, you can also wear a pair of good sunglasses that owns excellent uv protections.
  • Shannon


    Yes, you can protect your eyes and remove your sunburned eyes through the following steps. First you can apply a sunscreen of at least sun protection factor 30 minutes on your skin around your eyes before stepping out into the sun every time. And the skin around the eyes is very likely to lead to wrinkles and dark spots, so you need to wear sunglasses when you go outside.

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