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Can migraines cause swollen eyes?

I have migraines. Also, i noticed that my eyes are swollen. Why? Can migraines causes it?
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  • William clive


    Yes, migraines will cause swollen eyes. Technically, a symptoms seen in some migraine sufferers is puffy eyelid, also called eyelid edema or oedema. It is considered a unilateral cranial autonomic symptom. Puffy eyelid doesn't occur in everyone with migraine, and it's more common in cluster headaches. And sometimes it is related with other disorders, such as allergies and tiredness. You can check if your swollen eyes is caused by migraines or those follow reasons: Allergy. Some immune systems over-react to a foreign ailment such as pollen or dust triggering symptoms of puffy eyes. Sinus infection. An abnormal mucus production leaking from the nasal passages, provoking inflammation in the sinuses can cause puffy eyes. Cosmetic surgery. The aftermath of cosmetic eye surgery or botox applications to the face may cause puffiness. Changing conditions. Puffy eyes are usually a temporary condition that can be from lack of sleep, changing in hormones or weather alterations.
  • Arianna


    Yes, migraines can sause swollen eyes. Sine if you get a migraine, you will feel very painful and thus the pressure of blood will pulse and pump through arteries and veins of the head, and it will hurt a lot. And this can happen behind your eyes, so it can be the squeeze of pounding pressure that cause swollen eyes.
  • Cassidy campbell


    Yes, your migraines may cause your swollen eyes because of the infection from the head to the eyes. The interlinked nerves will make it possible. You'd better have the good rest these days. You could also go to use some warm compress to make your eyes feel comfortable. You should also adopt some oil essentials around the eyes which will release the symptom of your swollen eyes.

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