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Is it normal to have a little yellow in eyes ?

My eyes seems a little yellow. Is this normal? Or it is mean i got yellow eyes? How can i reduce it?
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  • Jonathan tuener


    As usual, the yellow eyes is the one sign of your body disorder, it should be noticed and cured immediately with some medicine. Because it maybe the jaundice which is the term for the yellowing of the eyes and often the skin as well, not the eyes problems. I do not know whether you like to smoke and drink, you should quit it if you love them. Jaundice is the symptom of your liver in some certain, smoking much or drink much will be harmful to your liver. Certainly, some people do normally have a hint of yellow, it is just pigment in your skin, for your description, it just a little yellow, do not worry about it. You could take a inspection in the hospital and get medical help in the hospital. Hope you get rid of the trouble as soon as possible. Good luck.
  • Mark


    Sometines maybe it is because of genes heredity, people's eyes can be a little yellow. However, if your eyes were not yellow in the past and they become yellow now, there may be the following reasons. First of all, go to the doctor's foe a overall body examination to see whether you have got jaundice or not, because one of the symptoms of jaundice is eyes getting yellow. If so, then you may have to cure your liver and gall at first, then your yellow eyes will reduce. Besides, if you eat too much foods which contains plenty of carrotene or color pigments, your eyes can get yellow too. Then you should eat less this kind of foods or just stop eating them. There is another reason for yellow eyes. If your living circumstances are very windy and sandy, and your eyes are big with short and few eyelashes to prevent your eyes from the sands, you will also easily get yellow eyes. Then you had better buy a pair of goggles to wear when you are in the outdoors.
  • ctc_youth


    It is not normal. This usually means or implies liver disease primary or secondary. Moreover, if the yellow is on the white part of the eyeball itself, it could be due to sun damage or due to yellow pigment deposited in the tissue. If the yellow is on the eyelids, it could be cholesterol. You need to go to see your doctor to find out the exact causes then it can be treated. Hope this helpful.
  • Nathan harris


    It is not normal for you to have the little yellow in the eyes. You should take great notice of it. The yellow eyes may stand that you have the problems in the liver. This may be the precondition of the jaundice. Jaundice is also commonly known as yellow disease which is a kind of skin mucous membrane because of elevated serum bilirubin and sclera. The yellowing signs and symptoms of some liver disease often caused jaundice symptoms of gallbladder disease and diseases of the blood normally. Usually the blood bilirubin concentration is higher than 2 to 3 mg/dL. These parts will appear to the naked eye discernible color. The skin organizations like the yellow dye, sclera jaundice, urine phlegm tears and sweat are yellow dye. The saliva generally does not change color. You should now have the good rest for the eyes, drinking more water. The food with vitamin C will be beneficial for you, too. You have to use some eye drops to release your symptom and make your eyes get moisture.