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How to get rid of scar tissue in the eye?

I always want to remove the scar tissue in my eye but I find it too difficult. Can anyone tell me how to remove scar tissue in the eye?
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  • Jack percy


    It takes great patience and perseverance to get rid of scar tissue in the eyes. First of all, you should not irritate or scratch the scar tissue, and pay attention to your eye hygiene. Secondly, you should develop a balanced diet and add moderate amount of high-protein foods. In addition, you should always remember to do well in sunscreening because the scar tissue will not get removed if you are usually exposed to the ultraviolet rays. Then you can apply lavender essential oil, vitamin E or fresh sliced gingers onto the scar tissue and massage for a few minutes. Do it three time every day, and pay attention not to spread into your eyes.
  • handsome_fuck


    Well, generally speaking, there are a number of medical conditions which can cause scar tissue to form in an eye. Scar tissue, which may be attached to part of the eye or floating freely, will cause problems ranging from causing you to see dark spots in your vision to causing complete blindness. In common, you can have vitrectomy to remove it. And first, you should know that this type of surgery involves the physical insertion of microsurgical tools to peel scar tissue off the light sensitive parts of the eye. And of course, by doing that, it can be very successful. But on the other hand, some side effects may be possible too. For example, some patents may suffer retinal detachment after surgery. So just be careful about it.

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