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EDGAR Schneider


How scary is laser eye surgery?

Is laser surgery terrible? How terrible it can be!
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  • Calvin


    No, The rate of a successful lasik surgery will be as high as 90%. In the process of the surgery, the excimer laser will melt the raised cornea and change the circular measure of the cornea, so as to make the light coming into the eyes focus on the retina and correct the prescription. The excimer laser is a kind of invisible ultraviolet beams which can precisely melt the cornea without damaging its surrounding tissues or other organs, and it can not enter into the internal of the eyes. Therefore, it will not do harm to the eyes. Besides, the whole surgery will only take about twenty minutes. And during the surgery, you will just feel a bit itchy at most.
  • Todd


    Well, of course, laser eye surgery will not be terrible, so you do not need to be worried about it too much. In common, when we are near-sighted, we can just take laser eye surgery to treat it. So we can say that laser eye surgery is a kind of eye surgery which can cure near-sight, and make you have the perfect sight. And this eye surgery can be very successful, so you do not need to have worry. But on the other hand, it can work only if you do take care of your eyes after the surgery. Generally speaking, you should avoid letting dirty things get into your eyes. Or it can infect your eyes, making your situation worse. Also, some heavy exercises should be avoided too.

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