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Andrea warren


Is it bad to read with contacts ?

My daughter usually reads with contacts, is it okay? Is it harmful to her eyes?
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  • cheryl


    It is better not to wear eye contact lenses when people are reading. This is because that the eyes do not have to watch distant objects when people are reading, and wear a pair of prescribed eyeglasses will be enough. Wearing the eye contacts for too long a time will hinder the normal transportation of water and oxygen as well as the discharge of wastes in the eyes, thus making the eye condition become worse and worse. Therefore, it is advised to wear a pair of prescribed eyeglasses when your daughter is reading.
  • David garcia


    It is okay to wear contacts to read, as your contacts in properly wear and use. However, long time's read and eyes use will damage your eyes. The contact lenses will need tears to keep it soft. So please take care that the lenses use please does not over eight hours one day to let your eyes relax. Washing your contact lenses with solution after the use and keep clean of your hands when you wear or pick it up or your eyes will get inflammation. Pay attention to the light when you read. Keep the contacts wet after use. Relax your eyes 10 minutes every 40 minutes' reading. No worries at all!

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