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Jack taylor


Is crying bad for contact lenses?

Is it okay if I cry with my contacts still in my eyes? Will that be bad for my eyes?
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  • Cassidy campbell


    Yes, it is may cause small damages to eyes if you crying for a long time. In common, tear can moist your eyes. But when you wear contact lenses, tear can't contact your eyeball, also can't moist your eyes. Besides, too much tear from crying can flush your contact lenses. It may cause your contact lenses slip out, or even roll back to your eyes. If you try to put the contact lenses back to the eye ball, it is likely to cause slight scratches on your eyes.
  • george


    Yes, it is not good for your eyes when you are crying with the eye contact lenses on. This is because that there are many salt contained in the tears when you are crying. The salt will block off the air pores on the surface of the eye contacts, which will easily prevent the normal transportation of oxygen and water as well as the discharge of wastes in the eyes. In this case, the cornea can not get enough amount of oxygen and water from the air because of the obstraction of the eye contacts, then the eyes can get keratitis or dry eyes if the condition is serious.
  • Rebecca


    Actually, tears will not damage your contacts, however the protein contained in it does. Right now, your tears are causing the fogginess you're experiencing because emotional tears contain a whole lot of protein. You may be better off wearing your glasses right now.

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