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misty C.


If i have pink eye, should i throw out my mascara?

Can people with pink eye still use mascara? Will it be okay?
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  • constans


    Yes, you'd better not use mascara during pink eyes. As we know, pink eyes usually mean a condition that pink eyes get infection. During this time, your eyes' immune system is weak. And the eyelash is so close to eyes, although use mascara can make your eyelash longer and curler, it is likely to make your eyes get more bacterial that worsen your pink eyes. For sake of your eyes, you shall stop use mascara as well as eye shadow, eyeliner and so forth till your pink eyes cured.
  • Jeff


    Absolutely not, people with pink eye should stop using mascara and other eye makeup. Otherwise, pink eye will contaminate the mascara and in turn it leads to a re-occurring infection. Just be patient to wait the time when the pink eye clears up, you can continue to apply the makeup again.
  • Shannon


    When you have pink eye, you should not use mascara. Actually, Mascaras have a short shelf time after their first use, so you cannot use them for too long. After a long time of use, a large amount of bacteria and viruses may be accumulated on the brush of the mascara. This may cause eye infection and deteriorate your pink eye. The first thing you should do as soon as you have the sign of pink eye is to throw away your old cosmetics that directly touch eyes such as mascara, eye shadow and eyeliner. After your eyes have recovered, you should not use mascara or other eye cosmetics for more than 3 months to prevent potential eye problems. There are also some people who just wash and disinfect the brush of the mascara and use it again after the recovery. However, this is not recommended for the sake of safety.

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